77% of internet users read blogs

By Peter Hart 15 Sep 2014

Blogging was the buzzword in online marketing several years ago. Is this still relevant or has it been replaced by the tweet or post? Blogs have a key advantage over the two alternatives mentioned, they contain potentially large amounts of detail and form a hub from which the reader can continue research within the site on which the blog appears or on external sites that the blog recommends. The result?  77% of internet users read blogs (Source: Ignite Spot).

The key attribute for a blog is simply to have a point. Readers need to be engaged as the content is relevant. If this is achieved, companies can then have access to one of the most powerful online marketing tools.

In relation to business blogging, there are the additional benefits of driving sales through increased levels of engagement and traffic. However, this will not be achieved if the author falls into the trap of writing blogs that simply discuss their product offering. In a sense, these are not true blogs they are simply editorials posted online.

Business blogs can and maybe should change over time. The authors need to be engrained in the subjects discuss to give gravitas to their opinions. It is not enough to simply ‘farm out’ writing to automated template programmes or organisations. These tend to produce sanitised and disengaging content.

Blogging can take up large amounts of time for the authors involved. A clear plan of posting frequency and content needs to be established as once the number of readers grows as these readers must become accustomed to regular information with which they can engage. With a following wind and engaging content the power of this tool can become a key sales channel for marketers.


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