Business plans & strategy

Working with clients to analyse market research leading to the delivery of business plans and strategy is at the core of what we do. Defining the difference between planning and strategy is key to achieving clear and profitable client outcomes.

A business plan is usually written during the process of forming the business itself. It seeks to define the objectives of the business, the resources that will be required and how the operation will be funded.

A business strategy more commonly relates to an established business and details objectives in relation to improving profitability, diversifying the business or building market share through a combination of marketing and internal performance management.

Start-up and established businesses

We work with clients who are looking to set plans in a start-up environment as well as with established businesses which may look to clarify strategy focussing on turn-around, growth or diversification.

Our work is bespoke to each project, and can incorporate a single element such as sales plan, or, alternatively, we can deliver a comprehensive end-to-end plan for every function within the organisation.

Comprehensive business plans

The navigation across the top of this websites highlights all of the specific areas which can be incorporated into a comprehensive business planning project and overall strategy review. In short, our organisation allows clients to benefit from our full suite of business planning expertise to allow commercial opportunities to be maximised.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss project requirements with potential clients. Please contact us to allow us to explain more about how we are able to assist with your specific project. We can be contacted by clicking on the following link >Contact us.

Strategies & plans underpinned by data analytics

Our business plans are structured and transparent. These are underpinned by analytics and business intelligence and modelling which ensures that once defined, business strategy is measurable in terms of the key indicators which determine overall profitability.

We are experts in sourcing, analysing and utilising data to underpin business strategy and deliver market intelligence to maximise opportunities for our clients. To find out more about our experience in this field please click the following link >Data & market intelligence

Discuss your objectives

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the objectives of all business stakeholders, and explain how our approach may assist in maximising their commercial objectives. We provide a bespoke document detailing our suggested way forward in relation to your particular requirements. Order your >Free strategy document here.