Capital allowances

We work to improve the tax position of our clients who own (or are seeking to own) commercial property, by ensuring that the tax rebates associated with ownership are maximised in terms of capital allowance planning.

In order to do this, we work with incumbent lawyers and accountants to undertake initial assessments of the tax position and opportunities which may be available. Our research illustrates that 94.6% of commercial properties in the UK have unclaimed capital allowances.

Rebate opportunities

The rebates available vary depending on the type of commercial property. As an illustration, office space valued at £1,000,000 entitles the owner of a rebate of up to £95,000. Opportunities in this area therefore clearly assist in maximising the profitability of our clients operations.

Assessment already undertaken?

Often when working with clients, we encounter the situation where it is assumed that accountants have already claimed the capital allowances available. Crucial to understanding whether this is correct is finding out if a comprehensive survey has been undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor to support the application. We ensure that this is done and that all allowances are correctly attributed.

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