Costs and cost review

Marketing spend, along with salary costs is one of the key cost exposures that businesses face. All of our marketing plans and strategies are carefully costed to ensure the budgets and commercial objectives of our clients are adhered to.

Maximising marketing return on investment

Negotiating costs on all elements of marketing strategy is undertaken by us during the course of our work. Clients benefit from the low rates we achieve as a result of our combined buying power. This assists in maximising return on investment throughout all projects that are implemented. We discuss the objectives of all business stakeholders and explain how our approach may assist in maximising their commercial advantage. This is clearly illustrated in the free documentation we produce. Find out more by >Requesting your free strategy document.

Reviewing current marketing costs

We offer to review and benchmark all marketing costs charged to our clients currently. Often it is the case that one area of strategy such as print costs or advertising costs requires a second opinion to ensure businesses are receiving maximum value throughout their marketing spend.

Benchmarking current marketing spend

We benchmark costs across all sectors and all strands of the marketing mix. If you would like us to review your current marketing spend or illustrate how we can minimise marketing spend throughout a number of marketing strategies please >Order your free strategy document.