Building and updating websites

We have vast experience in both building websites or updating websites currently in existence. Our defined development process ensures that projects have defined objectives and outcomes are commercially viable. We discuss the website requirements of all business stakeholders and explain how our approach may assist in maximising their objectives. To find out more order your >Free strategy document.

 Brand design and imagery

Start point of work with many clients is visual design of the site. This is considered in relation to the rules and values of the brand and best practice in terms of site usability. We work with clients to create imagery which complements the brand and all offline publications. Design is closely integrated with the structural requirements with the site which will drive visitor engagement and response.


The structure of our sites is of the highest possible standard. For each client we undertake keyword research which allows content to be structured to maximise traffic potential. We plan each page within the site in granular detail in terms of URL structure, titles, descriptions and keywords. This ensures a stable platform for search engine optimisation work to occur should this be our clients wish.

Calls to action and conversion rate optimisation

Calls to action are placed to provide maximum exposure. We undertake split testing once traffic has been maximised to analyse the effect on conversion by amending or moving the calls to action on each page. This ensures clients return on investment is maximised in the online sector.


We craft content which is both usable and within the requirements of search engines. This content engages the user and drives towards calls to action. On many projects we draft guides and white papers which can be downloaded by visitors to our clients sites. Once downloaded, we collect the visitors email address to allow this to be utilised in email marketing and further increase conversion opportunities for our clients.

Analytics and client journey

We utilise extensively Google Analytics to monitor bounce rates of websites and pages to allow strategy and on page content to be amended to refine the strategy of our clients. In conjunction with this we may implement website usability testing to track how visitors interact with the site and journey through the content. The findings of this are used to tweak the site itself and increase its overall effectiveness.

Free strategy document

We discuss the objectives of all marketing stakeholders and explain how our approach may assist in maximising their objectives. This is clearly illustrated in the free documentation we produce. Find out more by >Requesting your free strategy document.