Preparing for sale & exit

For business owners who are looking to realise the value of their business, we work to prepare for sale and exit. Often this process can begin several years before the business is offered for sale.

In this time we can ensure that accounts and financial elements are controlled to place the business in a strong position. We also work to identify potential purchasers and produce profile and information documents to be used at the outset of the process.

We provide a bespoke document detailing our suggested way forward in relation to your particular requirements. Order your >Free strategy document here.

Business value

Throughout the preparation process we track likely sale value of the business and ensure that this will meet the owners expectations. Once the sale process is underway we assist with negotiations and update any commercial models to ensure the shape of the overall deal meets the initial parameters.

If you are looking to find out more about selling, or preparing your business for sale please >Request your free strategy document.
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